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Company Profile

Wakefield was established in Japan in 1978 and our engineers have been engaged in the development, design and manufacturing of special maintenance machines for both marine and stationery Diesel and Gas Engines.

The uniquely designed tensioning device in the portable Cylinder Liner Honing Machine Type HMA, fist marketed in 1994, has been used in the new Fully Automatic Honing System HMA-F as well.

Both the electrically operated SEG and pneumatically operated WSG Exhaust Valve Grinding Machines are approved and certified by MAN Diesel & Turbo A/S.

Wakefield’s head office and factory are located in Fukuoka Japan with a domestic sales office in Yokohama.

In addition to the manufacturing of maintenance machines, Wakefield staffs are available to attend at ship yards, on board ships and at power stations throughout the world to carry out special grinding and honing works.

Representative offices are located in Singapore, Shanghai, Piraeus, Landskrona(Sweden) and Seattle, USA. 

Japanese Marine Equipment Association member


Company profile

Wakefield Corporation
3-7-23, Yamakawa-Aino, Kurume-City, 839-0812 Fukuoka, JAPAN
Phone number
FAX number
November 25, 1978
10 million yen
Business field
■Production and sales of machinery and repairing■
■Import, export and sales of machinery ■
■Technical consultancy of machinery■


The company was established in Yokohama, Japan
Cylinder Liner Honing Machine patent acquired
Valve Seat Grinding Machine patent acquired
Received MAN Diesel & Turbo approval certificate
for Exhaust Valve Grinding Machines
Automatic Valve Seat Grinding Machine System patent acquired
Head Office moved to Kurume City, Fukuoka
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