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Cylinder Liner Honing & Deglazing Machine

In-Situ honing and deglazing of Cylinder Liners for Diesel Engines and Compressors with a bore from 160 to 1050mm.
  • To correct irregular roughness of the liner and reduce break-in time of the new piston rings
  • To normalize lubricating oil consumption by roughing the liner surface and regulating oil retention on the liner surface
  • To reduce the risk of blow-by and scuffmarks on the liners caused from piston rings by removing ovality and improving air tightness between the liner and piston rings
  • Programmable controls
  • Easy operation on Touch Panel
  • Perfect honing pattern acheived
  • For workshop use or In-situ use
HMA-EXS in-situ

type HMA-EXS;  for up to 400mm cylinder liner bore

type HMA-EXL; for more than 400mm cylinder liner bore

  • Air driven
  • Portable
  • Deglazing
  • for smaller bore liner 125mm - 280mm
  • Spring balancer included
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