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Honing and Deglazing of Cylinder Liners with bores from 200 mm to 1050 mm.
  • Improves retention of cylinder lubrication oil.
  • Reduces cylinder lubrication oil consumption
  • Removes ovality and defects in the cylinder liner.
  • Prevents the risk of blow-byes.
  • Shortens piston ring run in time.
HMA Insitu width=
HMA in Honing Stand
      HMA in Honing Stand
The air motor output:
0.9kW (0.44Nm)
Output axis torque:
200 Nm
Air motor speed:
Horning machine speed:
Use air pressure:
Air consumption (in total):
1,800 liters/m
A connector:
Fee email quick coupling ゛
12mm I.D. Hose
Horning whetstone size:
125 X 16 X 13mm
Driving unit size: 
220 x 240x 800mm
Driving unit weight:
Horning liquid:
Kerosene or considerable article
A circulation pump:
Air drive diamond Fulham
Vertically move:
Air whist
A stroke:
Air whist = 3000mm
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